Bayushi Hado Uei

  1. What clan does he belong to?
  2. What Family?
  3. What profession?
  4. How would others describe his appearance?
  5. What’s his primary motivation?
  6. Who is the person he most trusts?
  7. Greatest Strength? Weakness?
  8. What does he think of Bushido?
  9. What is his opinion of his clan?
  10. Is he married?
  11. Any prejudices?
  12. Who does he owe the most loyalty to?
  13. Favorite things? Least favorite?
  14. Recurring mannerisms?
  15. What about emotions?
  16. How would he handle an improper subordinate?
  17. How would his parents describe him?
  18. What is his highest ambition?
  19. How religious is he?
  20. How will he die?

Bayushi Hado Uei was given that name on his gempukku on his thirteenth birthday, because he always chose the “rockiest paths.” When asked why he always chose the hardest road to travel he responded with “you assume I see more than one road.” He was in love with another Scorpion, Shosuro Aoshi, and began to court her, when his father notified him of a political betrothal to a Dragon woman, Mirumoto Enko, of moderate standing. It was being used to smooth over court intrigue from the last winter court. When Aoshi found out she poisoned herself rather than be forced to marry another. Hado, as he is known to those close to him, vowed that he would harden his heart like that of the Great Wall of the North Mountains that his new wife hailed from.

He was married at 15 after a necessarily long courtship due to the travel involved. It was a spring wedding, touted “to bring forth an era of prosperity and peace between their clans.” Enko is not plain but not very beautiful either, and it was soon determined that she was not happy about these arrangements. Their marriage is one of duty, not outright hostility. She is a trained Samurai, and is currently pregnant with their first child, as is expected of them.

Hado has dedicated himself to his clan with fervor. A close friend from his youth was killed in a skirmish with the Lion Clan, and now he will take what chance he can to make them look stupid. It is more contempt than hatred.

His recent travels include a trip to pick up some Scorpion Clan members “fosterd” in the Crab lands, where he met a short and ugly scorpion shugenja with almost no knowledge of his own clan practices. Hado found this refreshing and sought a friendship with this little “ishi.” Sometimes in frustration he calls him Sukoshi Ishi (little stone).

His last foray into Sweet Tea village made him proud. The group he was placed with to yojimbo was competent, and fulfilled clan and personal goals by countering a Lion Clan mission, and making the Lion Clan happy about it in the process.

Hado vowed he would not fail his clan, and follows the code of bushido. He is not big on compassion, but he believes false compassion is better than none. He tends to maintain “face” even in a rage, and will do his best to control himself, and seek retribution for grievances at the most opportune time.

Bayushi Hado Uei

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