Slaughter Oyabun

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The first hint that one of these creatures is entering our world is a tight pain in the forehead and a high-pitched ringing sound in the ears of all mortals nearby. Then the veil between Toshigoku and Rokugan tears as though a body has been ripped in half and the sickenly wet aftermath echoes for what seems an eternity of moments.

Oyabun are usually sent to kill specific mortals who are heavily protected and usually do so through brute strength.

The Oyabun are eleven feet tall and have as many as twenty long, splindly arms growing downwards from their chest cavity and hips. Each of these arms end in clawed, grasping hands. Starting from the neck and up from it’s chin, the Oyabun has a certain elegant beauty about her until one reaches the lips covered in dried blood and multiple layers of burnt, deformed skin grown over the eyes and ears.

They wear what appear to be blood stained dresses covering the barest of modesty of these creatures, with barbed wire tangling in, through and around their arms neck and torso.

Survivors claim that the Oyabun have strength enough to tear a man into pieces with little effort and, despite their apparent blindness, are able to detect their victim by some mystical means, though they are less able to sense other mortals. Landing the killing blow upon such a creature is also a dangerous task as the barbed wire is flung in all directions and immediately lacerates all nearby mortals into quivering chunks.

Slaughter Oyabun

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