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All characters start with a default of Earth x 3 wounds per Wound Rank.

Natural Healing

The simplest manner to recover Wounds is by resting. For every night’s rest a character gets, he recovers a number of Wounds equal to twice his Stamina Trait, plus his Insight Rank.


EMPHASES: Antidotes, Disease, Herbalism, Non-Humans, Wound Treatment

A wounded samurai is a burden on his lord, unable to perform his duties and yet still requiring resources. Those who practice medicine have the sacred task of ensuring that a samurai recovers from his wounds and can rise again to serve once more. Medicine can be used to treat many different injuries and ailments, including some spiritual ones. Specific diseases may be treated with the Disease Emphasis, although the TN for treatment will vary depending upon the disease in question. The same applies to poisons and the Antidote Emphasis. Non-human races may be treated using the Non-human Emphasis, but it must be purchased separately for each race (i.e. Nezumi Medicine, Naga Medicine, Zokujin Medicine, etc.).

When you treat Wounds that an ally has suffered from damage, a successful Medicine (Wound Treatment) / Intelligence roll (TN 15) will remove one die (1k1) of Wounds from the victim.

Each successful Raise on this roll allows an additional die to be rolled, but no more than one die is ever kept on such a roll. An injured individual may only benefit from a single Medicine Skill Roll per day, and each such roll made requires the use of a Medicine Kit, which allows for ten Medicine Skill Rolls before being consumed.


  • RANK 5: The amount of Wounds healed on a successful Medicine roll is increased by +1k0.


Path to Inner Peace, Water Mastery Level 1 (page 187)
Regrow the Wound, Water Mastery Level 3 (page 188)
Balance of Elements, Void Master Level 4 (page 196)


L5R: Reign of Screams Toju Toju