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Unlike the other four Rings (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water), there are no Traits associated with the Void Ring. Instead, a character gains a number of Void Points equal to her Void Ring, and may use them to enhance die-rolls and other actions made during the course of the game. Void Points represent a moment of enlightened insight or an epiphany that a character experiences, that moment when, for just an instant, she is at one with the universe. A character’s pool of Void Points is refreshed each day after an opportunity to rest, although certain meditation techniques allow them to be recovered more quickly.

A player may declare that she is spending a Void Point any time when it would be applicable, but the most common instances are before the player’s character makes a roll, takes certain types of Actions, or takes damage. The expenditure of a Void Point enhances a roll or the character’s abilities in one of a number of different ways. A character may normally only spend one Void Point per Round for one of the following effects, although some abilities may allow them to spend more than one under certain circumstances. By spending a Void Point, a character may:

  • Gain a bonus of +1k1 to a Skill, Trait, Ring, or Spell Casting roll (the Void Point expenditure must be declared prior to the roll being made). Damage Rolls may not be enhanced in this manner.
  • Temporarily increase his rank in a Skill from 0 to 1, avoiding Unskilled Roll penalties.
  • Reduce the amount of Wounds suffered from one source of damage by 10 (this must be done immediately after the damage total is announced).
  • Increase her Armor TN by 10 for one round. This is done at the beginning of the combat Round.
  • Exchange her Initiative Score with one willing target for the remainder of the current skirmish. This is done at the beginning of the combat Round. Only one of the two characters needs to spend a Void for this effect to take place.
  • Increase her Initiative Score by 10 for the duration of the current skirmish. This is done at the beginning of the combat Round.

Also, Void Points may be spent to activate certain School Techniques – this does not count against the once per Round restriction.


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